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JavaScript for Embedded

Moddable is the only embedded engine provider on the JavaScript language committee. We joined to ensure JavaScript remains a great language for use in embedded. Here's our original presentation to the committee. Read more


IoT devices with a display are easier for customers to use and are able to offer more features. Moddable is working hard to lower the cost and development effort to add displays to devices. Read more

Moddable Zero

Our first hardware module pairs a touch screen with an ESP8266 microcontroller. It is the easiest way for developers to get started with JavaScript, Wi-Fi, and screens on inexpensive hardware. Read more


Licensing terms are a key factor in selecting embedded software. To meet the full range of licensing needs, we offer two licensing options for the Moddable SDK: a FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) license and a traditional commercial license. Read more

Scalable Fonts

Rendering text on inexpensive hardware is challenging, even more so for international markets . The integration of Monotype Spark into the Moddable SDK delivers efficient, flexible, beautiful text. Read more

Web Services

The Moddable SDK implements a variety of standard, secure networking protocols to give developers the flexibility to connect their products to major cloud services. Read more

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