Andy Carle
Product & Prototype Engineer

Andy Carle is a product designer, prototype engineer, and UX strategist with a focus on building design tools. As an expert in rapid prototyping, user research, and usability testing, Andy serves as a bridge between engineering, design, business development, and marketing. He is a passionate advocate for the role of JavaScript in the future of the internet of things and connected device development. Andy has given numerous invited talks about JavaScript for IoT, design and engineering processes for connected products, and usability at the border of software and hardware.

Andy holds a PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley, which he exercises regularly as a member of the Visiting Faculty in UC Berkeley’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. Most recently, he taught Computer Science 160: User Interface Design, which focused on the design and development of connected products and their associated mobile companion applications.

Prior to Moddable, Andy was a Director of the Kinoma Team at Marvell Semiconductor. His primary responsibility at Kinoma was as product lead on Kinoma Create, a prototyping toolkit designed to make building IoT devices accessible to a much broader audience than traditional bare development boards. Kinoma Create was a Product Category winner in Make: Magazine’s 2016 Maker’s Guide to Boards, a top seller at, and was the featured technology in the Association for Computing Machinery’s 2014 UIST Student Innovation Contest. Beyond Kinoma Create, Andy ran Kinoma’s usability and user research efforts, directed the annual Kinoma Maker in Residence internship program, and busied himself with prototype engineering work in electronics fabrication, JavaScript, C, and PIC Assembly Language.