Hardening the XS JavaScript Engine

Updated: April 10, 2022

The XS JavaScript engine is at the core of everything Moddable does. The Moddable SDK is a standards-based runtime environment for embedded systems built on XS. Organizations around the world use the Moddable SDK as foundation for consumer and industrial IoT products. Every project Moddable delivers for its clients has XS as its starting point. Moddable is committed to ensuring that XS is as robust as possible so that projects built on XS are as reliable and secure as possible.

It has proven impossible for any organization to identify all the issues in any JavaScript engine. Even the JavaScript engines used in major web browsers regularly receive reports of issues from third party organizations, researchers, and independent developers. This article collects together information to assist those that want to contribute to discovering issues in XS. Moddable is committed to working with experts to identify and resolve issues in XS, particularly those that result in non-standard language behaviors and security vulnerabilities.

This article is organized into the following sections: